The Reel Britain Update

Title: The Reel Britain (IMDB)
Genre: Documentary short
Directed by: Seraphina Gonzalez
Country: UK/US
Year: 2014
Cast: Dan Poole, David Puttnam, Debs Paterson, Elliot Grove, Helen O’Hara, Iain Smith, Jeremy Thomas, Jon S. Baird, Julian Petley, Ken Loach, Lesley Walker, Mike Leigh, Moira Buffini, Nev Pierce, Penny Woolcock, Sarah Gavron, Tom Hiddleston, Tony Garnett, Vicky Jewson. 
Narrated bySandy Foster
Synopsis: British film industry professionals discuss British indigenous cinema and the relationship between Hollywood and the UK film industry. The film seeks to examine how British national identity is reflected in its cinematic tradition, as well as what forces have shaped it.  In particular, it explores how Hollywood’s hegemony over
world cinema has impacted the British cinematic tradition.  In doing so, the following questions
are asked: Has the relationship between Hollywood and the British film industry helped or hurt
UK cinema? What exactly is ‘Britishness?’ How has British national identity in cinema developed
over the years? The impact of this relationship will be examined as it bears on maintaining the British cinematic tradition.
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After screening the film for the first time last year in New York, one common theme emerged during the audience Q&A: Why do British films seem to encounter so many barriers in the United States?

We’ve been inspired to answer that question, and to do so, we will be conducting an additional round of filming later this year in New York.  We’ll be interviewing American cinemagoers about their impressions and opinions of British film, as well as British filmmakers about the challenges they’ve faced entering an American market.

If you’d like to participate as an interviewee or backer, please contact us using the form below.  In the meantime, please check back here for additional updates!  

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