London: Day 9

Yes, you might have noticed that I missed a day. That was because Sunday was a day of rest. Or, if you’re me, a day of going out with my friend the random Swede and getting a bit hammered at the pub. Carrie took over and blogged yesterday, so if you haven’t read that yet, you ought to.

Today was Monday, and as Monday is wont to do, it saw us getting back to work. We had one interview today: Jeremy Thomas. We went to him at his HanWay Films offices, where we interviewed him as he was ensconced comfortably on a blue couch that was perhaps the lowest to the floor I’ve ever seen that particular furniture go. I took my turn holding the boom mic, which proved more challenging than I’d like to admit because of my chronic shoulder problems. I might be the spider-wrangling designated man of our temporary household, but I guess I can’t win them all.

The thing that struck me most about Jeremy Thomas’s interview was he was perhaps the first British film industry person with whom we’d spoken who didn’t feel there was a direct and detrimental conflict between Hollywood and the British film industry. We’re going to have some excellent diversity of opinion in this film, about which I’m very excited. (One of Jeremy Thomas’s very relevant recent projects is the film Only Lovers Left Alive, which had a significant problem finding British investors.)

After we’d finished with the gracious and fascinating Mr. Thomas, we went back to home base for a few hours to let the worst of the rush hour tube and foot traffic calm down. Getting home was a real adventure, and even moreso for me since I was trying to wrangle a large duffle bag containing an expensive piece of rental equipment. Not something I want to do again, if it all possible.

Once it had gotten nice and dark outside, we ventured to the South Bank area to do some exterior shooting.


It felt like a perfect autumn evening to wander a bit, then pause while the digital camera recorded. As we walked along the bank of the Thames, I spotted an older gentleman sitting on a park bench, his shoes off and set next to him. He paddled his stocking feet in the night breeze like it was a cool stream on a summer’s day. I really wanted to join him.

I’m perhaps a bit more well-traveled than your average American because I’ve been very lucky, but London is still the love of my life. I like her best of all at night, and she did not disappoint.

Rachael Acks
Executive Producer