London: Day 7

Today was also a short day, which I appreciated. It meant I got to take a nice long run in the afternoon. And then I got lost while out on my run, because London. I ended up doing about 3.5 miles and had a nice wander around the area (dodging pedestrians and trotting very slowly past the tiny but very green parks), so no complaints there. I’m incredibly grateful for the maps that have been posted around some of the larger intersections for tourists, otherwise I might still be out there because I did the smartest thing ever and didn’t take my phone with me. (The best thing about these maps is that the “you are here” symbol is an arrow oriented to point the way you are currently facing as you read the map. This is genius.)

Thankfully, I made it back to the flat in time to peel off my disturbingly sweaty bandanna, drink a bunch of water, and then get all dappered up for our last red carpet of this round of filming: Only Lovers Left Alive. Things got started a bit late at the red carpet, but that was cool since we were standing next to the crew from XTV Online. After agreeing amongst ourselves to not be the kind of jerks that steal other peoples’ questions, we had a lovely conversation while we waited for the only person giving interviews–Tom Hiddleston–to get to us.

Each team got to ask Tom one question, so it went by extremely quickly. As you’d imagine, he was gracious and nice, and told us why in particular the LFF is important to him.

(And I still can go through life saying I haven’t met Tom Hiddleston, since I was hiding behind the camera the entire time. I get designated to operate the camera, you see, because I fulfill the valuable function of being the tallest person on our crew.)

After Tom had been whisked away in to the Odeon, we hung around for the next arrivals, the director and producer for Broadway Idiot. We were able to speak with Doug Hamilton (the director) and Ira Pittelman (producer) at relative length considering it was a red carpet. While of course their documentary isn’t a British film, they were happy to answer questions about being in London and the LFF, as well as what challenges they faced putting their production together. This is actually Ira’s first film, though he’s done quite a few Broadway productions.

Then to celebrate no more red carpets, I had some excellent Chinese food. And now I’m sitting around and blogging, wishing I could officially divorce my feet. What have you done to me, London? I only want to love you.

Rachael Acks
Executive Producer