London: Day 4

Today: more interviews! Shocking, I know. Tomorrow, there’s a 100% chance of interviews as well.

We actually got to sleep in a bit, which I appreciated immensely. The not sleeping over the whole NYCC weekend followed by jetlag is still making life kind of rough. I subjected myself to some lemsip this morning (again, WHY?) and felt almost human at least.

Our first interview was on location, which is a fancy way of saying we went to Kim Newman‘s apartment and interviewed him there. And by apartment I mean paradise of scifi/fantasy/horror/related works/comic books, where there aren’t so much walls as more bookshelves. I am incredibly jealous of Kim’s bookshelves. The entire space just smelled gloriously of books.

I managed to keep my writer fangirling to a minimum, though I did get to ask Kim a question about British versus American science fiction film, and whether the difference is more cultural or just a function of the generally lower budges in the UK. His answer came down more to Americans always wanting to humanize and lionize scifi protagonists, while British scifi protagonists get to be weird and intensely smart lone nuts… so, the US scifi protagonist of record is Captain Kirk, while in the UK it’s the Doctor.

After I pried myself off of Kim’s bookshelves, we headed back to our homebase to interview Vicky Jewson. She spoke on her microbudget action movie, Born of War, which I now very much want to see. Sounds like I ought to be able to find it in the US somewhere soon! As someone interested very much in commercial rather than arthouse film, she had a somewhat different perspective from the other people we’ve interviewed so far. (For example, she’s the first who hasn’t stated that unfortunately the US and UK share a common language.) I’m pretty excited about the diversity of thought we’re already getting. And as a special bonus, Rupert Whitaker was along with her, so we got to stuff him into the hot seat and ask him some questions about British film history.

Another exciting and busy day in store tomorrow. I’m glad I was serious about making myself useful on this trip, because the director is working me hard!

Rachael Acks
Executive Producer