Toska Productions is starting the new year with a new vision: to be an independent digital mass-media company creating original content, including but not limited to: film, web magazines, webseries, digital comics/manga, visual novels, podcasts/internet radio, and stage productions.  To that end, we have several projects in various stages of production for this year:

  • TEA, our first live-action short, is set to begin production this month in the UK.  It employs both comedy and suspense/horror to follow the adventures of Dan, a British web designer, and his murderous tea kettle;
  •  THE REEL BRITAIN, a documentary examining the history and challenges of the British film industry, will undergo additional photography later this year;
  • Protaku Radio, a podcast devoted to anime, manga, and comics, is available to stream here;
  •  A creative arts digital magazine, as-yet untitled, will cover music, film, television, and theatre, to name but a few, from an independent and original perspective.

We’re excited to share these ventures with you, and look forward to expanding both our audience and our horizons this year.  Check back for more soon!