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City of Lost Angels

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  Toska Productions experimental short film. Directed, written, photographed, edited by Seraphina Gonzalez. Narrated by Lindsey Qualls. Starring Lory Loveday.    

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Screening to Take Viewers Inside British Film Industry

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Carrie Weiland Publicist, Toska Productions Phone:     (434) 426-3352 E-mail: Date:       June 9, 2014   THE REEL BRITAIN TO SCREEN AT TRIBECA CINEMAS Independent documentary examines British film industry New York,


London: Farewell

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It feels wrong to leave London behind without saying goodbye, though I don’t have any other production notes for you. I tend to take my last look at places through airplane windows with eyes so

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London: Day 12

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This was our last full day in London (tomorrow, we’ll spend the majority of our remaining time in Heathrow, which isn’t the most exciting prospect) and it ended up being non-stop gogogo. I’ll admit, I


London: Day 11

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Today was another one interview day, and then some more night exteriors. Since the interview wasn’t scheduled until late afternoon/early evening, I got to go for a run this morning, all the way down to


London: Day 10

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Only one interview today as well, but it was really the interview to end all interviews: Lord David Puttnam. Name doesn’t ring any bells? Try thinking about Chariots of Fire or Local Hero or The Killing Fields; he


London: Day 9

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Yes, you might have noticed that I missed a day. That was because Sunday was a day of rest. Or, if you’re me, a day of going out with my friend the random Swede and


Dispatches from the Press Pen

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Today is an off day for the crew of The Reel Britain.  We had planned to spend it shooting exteriors, but alas, the weather has not cooperated.  I have a severe cold, so I have


London: Day 7

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Today was also a short day, which I appreciated. It meant I got to take a nice long run in the afternoon. And then I got lost while out on my run, because London. I


London: Day 6

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Today was a relatively short day, work-wise. We had some much-needed rest in the morning, and woke up to news in the afternoon that we’d gotten approval to film the red carpets for 12 Years a