COLA still

City of Lost Angels

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  Toska Productions experimental short film. Directed, written, photographed, edited by Seraphina Gonzalez. Narrated by Lindsey Qualls. Starring Lory Loveday.    


TRB Production Update

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Hey guys, Just wanted to give you all a very quick update. It’s been a while. We apologize for not writing or sending flowers. After the end of our last Indiegogo campaign (which was a

The Reel Britain

Coming Into the Home Stretch

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So, here we are. The final month of fundraising. We’re rounding third, headed for home, as the song goes.  Perhaps it is only natural, as one nears the finish, to think of the beginning, to


Why I’m Supporting The Reel Britain

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Let me tell you about one of the scarier moments of my life. It involved my credit card, an amount of money that was a whole number with three zeroes, and an opportunity. At the


‘The Reel Britain’ Phase II Update

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Greetings Fellow Cinephiles! We’ve been working hard on our documentary, “The Reel Britain.” Here’s what we’ve been up to: We started the process for this film by raising funds on Indiegogo. With those funds, we


Toska Presents The Reel Britian

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Hello all! Thank you for visiting our site. We like to think of this film as “our baby,” and accordingly, it continues to grow and take shape, so we wanted to give you an update